Dear friend,

I feel encouraged by the light at the end of the tunnel of this project aka completion. It’s just a small sliver, and there’s still much to do, but that glimmer has given me a much needed morale boost.

I’ve been surprised by how much comfort I feel after I do tasks for this project that I don’t feel like doing. Every time I lean into one of those tedious tasks tangentially related to this project, the ones that take up more energy and time than I anticipate, I’m starting to feel like a super hero saving the world.

I’ve come to enjoy and even savor the seemingly mundane tasks of this project, because they represent so much more than just completing that boring thing. They represent my ability to work through the hard things, to push through even when it’s not fun, and that I am worth it, that this project is worth it.

It instills a sense of confidence that I didn’t expect. And for that, I’m grateful.

So here I am today, combing through lyrics sheets, checking for typos, sending emails, writing up contracts, hopping on a few phone calls and getting some of this boring stuff done to pave the way for more joy.

Sending you so much love, especially in this time of year.




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