Struggling to find your inner creativity and make music with consistency and ease?

Do you feel like you lack ideas or don’t have time?

Maybe you can’t figure out what comes first, the process or how to do it? 

How would it feel to sit down and write music with ease?

Or perform a piece of music you love? 

How would it feel to share your music with confidence? 

Would that change your musical and creative life? 

It’s possible!  Book a call below and let’s talk!

What is a Creativity Coach?

Someone who stands powerfully for you in your artistic dreams and provides hands on technical musical support to help you achieve your goals.


What Does it look like to work with a creativity coach?

The time is for you! I create an individualized coaching plan and through our work together we make actionable steps to move you forward in your goals.

What Musical skills can I work on with you?

Songwriting, vocal technique, bass, ear training, theory, audio recording DAW (protools, logic and soundtrap) and piano.

As a coach I will.....

Stand powerfully for you in your dreams, hold you accountable, create an individualized creative plan for you, empower you to find your own answers and offer practical tools. Let’s do this! 


Let’s talk! Book a free one on one discovery call with me below:

Casey Lipka