Want to surprise a friend or loved one on Valentine's Day?


Are you having trouble coming up with an easy gift for someone you love?

Want to surprise a friend or loved one?

I am offering something fun!



Where I will:

💘 Call your friend/loved one

💘 Sing a song to them

💘 Surprise them with care

💘 Tell them they are loved and thought of by YOU

💘 Make them cry with joyful tears

$14 for a personalized call.

Grab one by February 13th.


Most frequent questions and answers

I will do my best to reach them! I will call three times and if they don’t pick up I will leave a voicemail or a voice note text message!

No! Purchase as many as you’d like and there is questionnaire where you can fill in their names and numbers. I only need their first name and number!

I’m going to say:

“Hi (insert name here). I’m calling on behalf of (insert your name here). They wanted you to know they care about you and so I’m singing you a song today….


insert tears of joy and appreciation.